S15 X-Laws Guild Rules

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S15 X-Laws Guild Rules

Post by Ace on Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:20 pm

Since we have members that never participate on events or donate money on guild i'm forced to set guild rules. The rules will be simple and will benefit the whole guild..or so i hope..here we go:

  • members that never join Guild events like Resource War or Battlefield will need to contribute a lot on guild exp or they will be kicked for inactivity

  • offline members more then 7 days without a notice why they're missing they will be kicked

  • members won't steal another member Mine no matter what the reason..if someone does steal another members Mine will get PENALTIES and with 3 penalties will get kick off the guild

Rules might be changed in time..but for the moment i think we need them..i can also hear suggestions about it "replay with comments"


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